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5.23.2008 – A Starting Point

I guess it’s just natural (since I am anything but a learned writer) to expect this to jump around quite a bit. Organization has never been something I’ve been particularly skilled at. Quite the opposite really! So, for the reader, this is certainly something to keep in mind! Of course, I don’t expect anyone to actually read this anyway, so I guess it really doesn’t matter how I write it!


The ‘Search for Answers’ has become a daily pursuit for me. I find myself digging into holes that have been around for millennia, but that I’ve never known the slightest thing about until recently.


Here’s the short list of topics over the last several months. Most likely not complete…but close enough for now.



The Knights Templar




The Lost Gospels/Gnostic Gospels

Sacred Geometry






What I’ve found which has surprised me, is that I feel like I’m becoming more at peace with myself. For those that know me well, know that that is QUITE a statement. I’ve NEVER been at peace. I’ve never been satisfied. It’s almost as if this quest has helped me take steps towards an ‘enlightenment’. Some sense of ‘at peace with the world’. The reality is that there is MUCH more to know and many more miles to travel down this road. But it’s quite amazing to me how quickly my thought processes and perceptions are changing.

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