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08.25.2009 – Where are Jesus’ Writings?

A thought hit me today: Where are the actual writings of Jesus? I might be wrong, but I’m pretty certain that there is nothing in scripture or any other source that is identified as being written by Jesus himself. This seems odd to  me. Everything we have about the life of Jesus is from 2nd hand sources (or 3rd hand, 4th hand, and beyond). Not to mention that the bulk of the New Testament is attributed to Paul who never even met the man himself.

I would venture that ALL of the scholars that we hold in high standards throughout history have written their ideas down. Most often times they have written MANY volumes. It would seem to me that Jesus being the amazing teacher that he was proposed to be, should have or would have done the same.

So where are they?

Obviously, people were writing in those times and before. We have the manuscripts to prove it. Old testament scriptures among them.

I’m thinking that their apparent non-existence, might also be another bit of evidence (or lack thereof) for the non-existence of Jesus. I am going to research this a bit more, but wanted to pose the question here so I can keep track of it.

Where are those writings?!?!?!


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