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01.21.2010 – Time: The Most Important Thing

In recent years I’ve found myself finding more and more value in the concept of time. What I mean by that is the time that I have in life to spend doing the things I WANT to do, and not necessarily the things I HAVE to do.

Once I fully admitted to myself that I was an atheist, and I fully understood that this life is the only chance that we get to live, I began to start looking at each day differently. I used to ‘phone it in’ on work days. I would just go through the motions so to speak and not really put the effort into making even those days the most that they could be. Now, while it’s still a conscious effort on my part, I wake each morning and literally tell myself “This is your day. You don’t get another chance to live this day. Make the most of it.” I’ve had good success lately in feeling more positive and happy, and valuing the interactions that I have with the folks that I see every day. It’s not perfect by any means, and I fail often still, but it’s definitely progress.

At the beginning of the new year, I found out that the HR department at work had messed up my allotted vacation time for year. It really upset me for a while (until they promised to fix it. which hasn’t happened yet), because I’m not entirely thrilled with my career. Those days off are extremely important to me. Life’s too short to have to spend all of it doing something that you’re not happy doing (of course, my efforts in making every day more positive have definitely helped in that).

In the past, normal work days would consist of spending my 8, 9, 10 or more hours at work, then going home and either working on my side business work or sitting around not doing much. Nowadays, I am always looking for fun stuff to do. Skating with my daughter, boating, fishing, playing hockey, etc. It’s really helped to eliminate my sense of ‘just getting through life’. I no longer want to live that way.

I intend on living every day to the fullest. Keeping myself healthy so I can spend as much time doing the things I love to do, being with the people who I love, and trying my best to be a positive influence on this world.

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