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01.29.2010 – Recent Atheist Convert Apologizes for ‘Being a HUGE shit head’

Rechelle @ My Sister’s Farmhouse is a recent convert to Atheism. She spent many years as a fundamentalist Christian. I discovered her blog only a few days ago, but have been enjoying it immensely since then.

She has a new post that I think is just awesome. She goes through and apologizes to all the various groups that she feels she has wronged through her years as a Christian. Here’s a couple that I found particularly great:

1. I apologize to all the homosexuals. I am sorry that I believed in a religion that condemns you. I am sorry that for many years I thought that the bible was right in it’s condemnation of homosexuality. I am sorry that when I no longer thought the bible was right about homosexuality being a sin, I did not raise a gigantic stink about it every Sunday right in the middle of the sermon… week after week after week… until the church issued a restraining order against me and I could no longer come within a hundred feet of the sanctuary.

7. Finally, I apologize for allowing my faith to numb my response to the problems of the world. So when there was injustice, or crime, or pain, or hunger, or illness, or ignorance, or war, or greed, or tyranny, or slavery or abuse, or addiction, or pollution, or natural disasters – I believed that god was taking care of it and I didn’t really have to do anything… (except pray). Because it was god’s will… and god was using these bad things to teach me compassion… or patience… or that satan was ‘the ruler of this world’… or that we should forgive… or god was ‘perfecting’ us… or ‘disciplining’ us. (Boy! god sure disciplines the hell out of Africa doesn’t he?) I was taught that all you have to do to get into ‘heaven’ is accept Jesus as your savior. You can do good things if you want, but good deeds are not getting your ass into heaven. So why would I bother helping out? My ass was already saved!

All in all, I am really loving her writing style and look forward to keeping up with her blog ongoing. (Adding her to my blog roll right now)


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