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02.01.2010 – Natural Selection vs. Artificial Selection

Matt Dillahunty on this week’s Atheist Experience show was asked by a caller about why believers in Evolution/Natural selection/Survival of the fittest wouldn’t naturally move towards a society in which handicapped people or the general ‘undesirables’ of society would be eliminated. It seemed to me to be the usual attempt to connect Darwin’s theory with Hitler and other genocidal maniacs of recent centuries.

I found Matt’s response to be just about perfect (big surprise there) and something that really helped to solidify this concept in my mind. He basically said that what these people are doing is ‘artificial selection’. They are trying to force their world view onto society at large.

Natural selection is just that…natural. It involves biological laws and rules that direct genetics to mutate and change to suit the various changing attributes of a species’ environment. There’s no reason that we would have to connect this ‘natural’ process to folks that try to force the world to be what they see in their disturbed little heads.

Thanks to Matt’s explanation, I have a much better understanding that these two ideas and processes are completely separate.

Thanks Matt!

  1. February 1, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    My first thought when I listened to the caller was, “No, that’s social engineering.” Evolution doesn’t work that way. If one tries to help it a long like that, the law of unintended consequences kicks in and bites on the ass.

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