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11.02.2010 – Today I Choose

Today I choose. And while I believe that all politicians inevitably kowtow to the money that got them where they are, I choose what, in my mind, is the lesser of two (or more) evils. I would much rather use my valuable vote on the folks that I think are actually qualified for the jobs they desire, and those who I believe are actually interested in the service of the public. However, I know that if I were to use my vote on those folks my vote would be wasted. It would not to any damage to the greater of the two (or more) evils that are most likely to win. The folks I speak of do not bow down to the highest bidder, and therefore don’t have a voice in today’s political world. They are the independents, the moderates, those not affiliated with either of the two major parties. The majority of the general populous does not do the hard work to dig and find what these people are all about. The majority grasps in their mouths the loaded spoon that they are offered and swallows. They willfully accept the status quo, while at the same time complaining about the woes of our society and the damaged system that they so eagerly participate in. While I hate politics in general, I hate apathy and hypocrisy even more.

So, today I choose. I choose with reluctance and reservation, but I choose nonetheless.

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