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03.11.2011 – Praying for Tsunami Victims?

I don’t often blog more than once a day. Hell! I don’t often blog more than once a week or month anymore. But today, I feel it’s necessary.

The religious folks I have on my Facebook page are blowing it up with posts calling for prayers regarding the Tsunami/Earthquake which happened near Japan overnight. One of the more recent ones was from a friend sending out his prayers for families he knows in Japan and California. He ended his post with “God is with you”.

It took a lot of my will-power to let it go, but inside my head I’m screaming “WHY THE FUCK WASN’T GOD WITH THE ONES THAT DIED?!?!? THAT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL!!!”. I just do NOT get that mentality. If you believe that God is sparing the ones you know/love from being effected or killed by such a tragedy, what about your plea to him works for those folks, but not for the ones that ARE effected? The answer really IS quite simple: There is no god answering or even listening to those prayers. And, as sad and tragic as it is, this is the result of natural forces and those forces have NO opinions on what their effect is going to be on human society. I really have a hard time getting what is so hard to understand about that? Isn’t it so much harder to rationalize in your head that a mystical being in the sky is picking and choosing who gets to live and who gets to die than it is to acknowledge that nature is a powerful, blind, non-biased force and sometimes human kind gets in the way of it?

That said, my heart and thoughts go out to the folks effected by this tragedy. I wish there was more that I could do. It’s incredibly sad!

  1. space
    March 11, 2011 at 11:08 am

    I assume that what people actually mean is verbatim your last sentence. The need to reference god is their own struggle to understand, and come to terms with uncertain events which is life. Its the same reason religion was created as a coping mechanism for death, then polluted by ,and for political control. Everyone has their vice, but I purpose that the vice doesn’t always reflect the true person. Knowing that should make one feel more pity than anger. They are not as evolved


    • adoubtersramblings
      March 11, 2011 at 1:57 pm

      I tend to agree. There have been studies to show that prayer can calm the nerves and give some peace similar to what meditation accomplishes. So a PERSON can, themselves, gain something through prayer. However, by that argument, someone calling for other people to pray is a completely different thing. If you are praying because you don’t know what else to do and are trying to find some comfort in a difficult time…GREAT! More power to you. But the delusion of thinking that the prayer is actually going to do something to help the victims or the subject of said prayer is something altogether different.

      Is it possible to FORCE someone to evolve!?!?! lol! 😉

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