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Ghost Hunters? Or Story Tellers?

Let me just say that I certainly approach this subject skeptically. I understand that these shows are made for TV. So right out the gate, in the back of my mind, is that this could all be fabricated and I’m just being handed some entertainment to keep my mind wondering about things that really have no basis in reality whatsoever.

I’m fairly proud of the progress that I’ve made in the previous months at enhancing and growing the critical thinking portion of my mind. I’m trying to become more and more scientific about how I approach all topics, because, in the end, I believe that science will be the method where we find the truths about all topics (if those truths can even be found).

That being said, I’m a huge fan of the Ghost Hunters shows on TV. The ones that I truly enjoy are ‘Ghost Hunters’ and ‘Ghost Hunters International’ on SciFi…(lol SyFy…because they just changed their name to that…pretty weird…but I digress). The ‘Most Haunted’ show with the folks from the UK is, in my opinion, the biggest bunch of crap on TV…but that doesn’t entirely stop me from watching – and often laughing at – the ridiculousness.

The trouble I am having lately is that I’ve become a huge fan of CFI (Council for Inquiry) and it’s Podcast/Radio show ‘Point of Inquiry’. It’s really helped me understand what things constitute real evidence versus pseudoscience. And a couple of the articles/shows have discussed the paranormal and these ‘ghost hunter’ shows. Basically, saying outright that they are pseudoscience at best. Some of the discussions even said that these guys have slowed down recordings to make their ‘evps’ more ominous or to even make some random sounds seem more like a voice. Now, I understand that this is a TV show and that’s a very real possibility. But with the original Ghost Hunters in particular, I have a hard time believing that these guys would do something like that. They seem to have a genuine interest in getting to the real truth. And sometimes they come up with recordings (audio/video) that just make me give pause.

It seems that the perspective of CFI, etc is, that because these guys aren’t real scientists and the ‘evidence’ isn’t gathered according to scientific standards, that they are fabricating things. I find it hard to believe that these guys are being blatantly dishonest. Again, I can certainly see how that could happen (being glorified for TV and all), but it also seems like such a stretch. And it seems almost close-minded to just disregard it and turn the other way. I would think that someone who is in a search for ‘truth’ would accept even SOME of this stuff, and maybe mark it into the ‘that’s interesting’ column rather than just outright rejecting it.

I’m hoping that I’m just misinterpreting what they are saying and that because they discuss these topics, obviously they must find something intriguing about them, and therefore count them as valuable. Even if it’s obviously not ‘scientific evidence’ that is being presented.

I continue to have questions about these ‘supernatural’ topics. But more and more I’m finding myself trying to apply rationality and logic to them, and coming up with answers that say ‘There’s just no real evidence’