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03.23.2010 – Healthcare Hate

If there’s one thing that this week’s current events have shown me, it’s the amount of hate, selfishness, and close-mindedness of people in general. I suppose that it might just be that I’m surrounded by conservatives from my childhood and family, but it certainly seems that the vast majority of the people I find myself around are seriously pissed off about this thing, and I’m not even sure they understand why.

Take, for instance, THIS lovely post from one of my Facebook friends this morning:

It is not my responsibilty to provide others with healthcare. Maybe that is a heartless attitude but it is the truth. Where does it end? Should there be a tax now to provide everyone with clothes and groceries, how about heating bills? You do not have a right to healthcare it is a responsiblity. I keep hearing people s…ay well at least he’s standing behind something he believes in… Bullshit. I have absolutely no clue what the heck this guy is doing. The rate of unemployment is terrible we are in the middle of a war and he chooses to put all his time into the healthcare bill. This smells like a personal agenda. That is not his job.

This person does bring up a good point though. Maybe if we weren’t spending trillions of dollars on this bullshit war the new healthcare bill wouldn’t be such a big deal. I know I would MUCH rather my tax dollars go to help people in our country get quality healthcare than to send our troops overseas to kill and be killed. Of course, I’m a humanitarian, and find all life to be valuable. So, I’m sure my opinion is skewed, but I’m perfectly ok with that.

I don’t have enough time in my personal life to keep up with this stuff, so how can I make a call on it yet? How do all these people actually have the time to learn the ins and outs of this package already? Wouldn’t that take a tremendous amount of time? It seems to me that they might be forming their opinions just based on the fact that they feel like ‘their team lost’.

Anyway, I think everyone needs to chill out and let the dust settle before jumping off a bridge. Myself included!


08.06.2009 – Ireland helping to bring back the Dark Ages with new Blasphemy Law

For anyone who is a supporter of free speach, this move should scare the hell out of you. For all our progress over the centuries in moving towards a free society where people can express themselves verbally without fear of reprisal, this move by Ireland is a HUGE step backwards. I can’t imagine the thought process of these leaders. They’ve approved law enforcement to be able to raid peoples homes in search of published items that violate this law.

What’s next? Book burnings? or worse…Witch Burnings?!?!?

Give me a break. This is truly sad.

here’s a link to the ABC news commentary on the topic…