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07.12.2011 – Reality – Ain’t it a Bitch?!?!?

I really do not care about being comforted by mythology. I’d rather have the harsh truth and learn how to live with it, than believe myths that are just band-aids to cover reality.


This statement popped into my head today, so I figured I’d share it. It really represents the realist in me. Most people misinterpret my realism for negativity. I do try to remain positive in general, but when life experience is combined with evidence, a lot of times reality just isn’t that positive. I firmly believe that I’m not being negative, just realistic.

In the case of this quote, I’m obviously referring to religious belief. To me, I feel a lot of believers hold those views as a comfort. A security blanket if you will. They try to run and hide from the inevitable reality that we all live in. The fact that each of us will have to face our own demise. There’s no escaping it for any of us. I prefer to accept that when I’m gone, I’m gone. It’s helped me a lot lately to value each day more. I live a much fuller life now. Today is a certainty…tomorrow is not. So, today I chose to live the HELL out of life.




07.10.2011 – I’m Intolerant

Yep! You read that right, I admit it, I’m intolerant. I’m intolerant of…

Willful Ignorance





Religious fundamentalism




Intolerance (yep…I’m intolerant of intolerance)


Sexual Discrimination

The list goes on. But yes, for these things, I willfully and happily accept the label of ‘Intolerant’

03.11.2011 – The Nature of Existence

Last night I attended my first CFI event. It was a screening of the documentary ‘The Nature of Existence‘ by Roger Nygard. The film was followed up by a Skype question and answer session with Roger himself.

The film was very entertaining. I was a little worried about watching a documentary in the evening after having worked a very rough schedule this week and running on very little sleep. However, I ended up not having any trouble at all. A great mixture of humor, insight, and very interesting commentary made for an entertaining viewing.

As expected,  answers to the real question of the movie ‘what is the nature of existence’ were, of course, not forthcoming. But then, I can’t imagine that anyone would have had that expectation to begin with. What was delivered, however, was a ton of great perspectives from some very interesting ‘characters’. Roger seemed to include everyone from a radical, in-your-face street preacher, to a guru from india, to druids in Great Brittain, to a 12 year-old-girl who has an amazing sense of reality and perspective for someone as young as she was.

I found the film to be nicely balanced. While Roger appears to be a free-thinker, I don’t think he let his bias get in the way of allowing all the differing opinions to be relayed. The content was really comprehensive. He travelled the entire world and included a great majority of the major religious views, and quite a few of the not-so-well-known varieties. The religious views were balanced out by including opinions and commentary from several established members of the scientific fields. Leonard Susskind (one of the fathers of string theory) and Richard Dawkins to name a pair.

The follow-up question and answer session was great, too. Roger is extremely well spoken and courteous. He had no problem spending extra time to answer questions.

I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for answers to the ‘big questions’ of life. While you probably won’t find specific answers here, you will get a sense that you are most certainly not alone in your quest. And there are many MANY differing opinions on the topic. So, check out the film, check out the website, and enjoy!

10.12.2010 – I hope


I hope that one day we can lose the walls that divide us as a species.


I hope that one day we can all see the beauty in the world for what it is.


I hope that one day cruelty and hate will be replaced with kindess and tolerance.


I hope that one day people of all races & cultures will learn to live together under the only title that matters: human.


I hope that one day reason & logic will replace faith and belief.


I hope that one day the word ‘war’ will be just a distant memory that people only know from reading history books.


I hope that one day the least of us is permitted as loud a voice as the most of us.


I hope that one day we are able to answer all the big questions.


I hope that one day that living deeply, entirely, and fantastically ‘in the moment’ is a goal that each one of us works towards.


I hope that one day we all learn to appreciate that the most meaningful things in life are those other humans that we love.


I hope that one day we can all learn to appreciate what a rare and amazing thing life is, and to value every single fleeting moment that we have.


I hope that one day we learn to appreciate the vastness of the universe around us, and how tiny and insignificant this amazing place is that we call home.


I hope that one day we have an epidemic of smiles on this planet.


I hope I live long enough to see all of this.


I hope!

12.28.2008 – The Pale Blue Dot

I find this video gives me perspective. And a dose of much needed humility when it’s necessary. We really are, in fact, extremely insignificant in the grand scheme of things!

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12.23.2008 – Teetering

I find myself often teetering between feeling that I’m atheist and feeling that I’m agnostic. And I guess most often I think my agnosticism battles the logical side of my mind for just a little bit of control.

I guess I look at it this way. I really have a hard time believing that ‘this is it’. I mean this life. Our lifespans are really a nano-fraction of a split second in the endless expanse of time and space. If this life was really all that there is for us…how amazingly insignificant it really is. The impact that we would have on the world and universe around us is, for all intents and purposes, negligible. I find it hard to swallow that we are given such an amazingly small portion of time to live our lives and that is all there is.

And how sad it is to think that once we are gone, we are gone and there is nothing more. I mean, obviously, the athiest side of me buys that theory. But if that’s the truth, then it almost seems like…why bother trying to better ourselves. What’s the real use in any of this? Why break our necks day in and day out just to extend what will ultimately just end anyway.

I suppose some would say, well then we should live each day of our lives likes it’s the last one we are ever going to have. I find that a bit self -centered…but also justifiable.  It’s hard, though, to feel that way without a massive foreboding feeling that at any time it can all just end and all the people that we love in life will be gone and we’ll never have those connections again.

It’s probably just that FEAR of the end that keeps me thinking that there may be something else. It’s certainly isn’t a theistic perspective. I guess i just have to HOPE that in some way we live on. Whether in some collective universal consciousness, or possibly some individual spiritual self awareness of some kind. Obviously, I don’t have the answers. I don’t think I ever will. I don’t think any of us ever will. But I’m also not sold on the fact that this is all there is.

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