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02.04.2010 – Facebook Fun – Episode 4: Freedom of Speech

February 4, 2010 1 comment


apparently, in ‘fundie-land’ freedom of speech means only freedom of MY speech. Any OTHER speech is apparently not allowed.

Here was today’s discourse on my mom’s Facebook page:

Mom (status): Tebow ad about to be aired on Sunday’s Super Bowl. Thank God for freedom of speech for this vital message.

Thus starting the comment barrage, but surprisingly, NOT with my mom this time, her final response was actually ok. Some other douchebag chimed in. In the discourse below, he will be called ‘DB’:

me: one question: would you support an atheist group having a commercial on the Superbowl as well? even if the ad was just to direct other like-minded folks to a place to meet?

DB: I would not support it, would you?

me: yes, yes I would. why would you not. is freedom of speech only applicable to people you agree with?

DB: For me the answer is YES!

me: Sorry to hear that

DB:it’s ok I can deal with it 8)

me: I’ll wait to hear my mom’s response before I go any further. I hope that she’s more open-minded.

DB: She might be 🙂

Mom: We’ll I would prefer to have an ad that may save a precious life than a beer ad anyway. As far as an atheist group who will they thank when a touchdown is made? 😉

me: that wasn’t the question. you can’t have it both ways. either you support free speech for ALL or that version of ‘free speech’ is worthless.

Mom: Truthfully not sarcastically we should have that freedom.. I would say yes. Morally if it is not family friendly, like the ad recently rejected by the station I would say NO.

me: 🙂 i appreciate your honesty and tend to agree. thx mom!

While I’m not sure what my mom was referring to with the ‘not family friendly’ ad, I’m sure it was something that was probably going to show a lot of ‘skin’ and that, in my mom’s mind, is immoral. I’m not going to argue over stuff like this.

So, for me, I consider this a victory, and that’s what I was hoping I would get from my Mom. unfortunately, DB has the mentality that most of these fundamentalist have: If it’s not something I agree with, you can’t say it.

Truly Sad!


08.06.2009 – Ireland helping to bring back the Dark Ages with new Blasphemy Law

For anyone who is a supporter of free speach, this move should scare the hell out of you. For all our progress over the centuries in moving towards a free society where people can express themselves verbally without fear of reprisal, this move by Ireland is a HUGE step backwards. I can’t imagine the thought process of these leaders. They’ve approved law enforcement to be able to raid peoples homes in search of published items that violate this law.

What’s next? Book burnings? or worse…Witch Burnings?!?!?

Give me a break. This is truly sad.

here’s a link to the ABC news commentary on the topic…